History of the Mendenhall Surname in England

James Mendenhall (born 1751) was the first in England to acquire this surname. This site lists his paternal MILDENHALL ancestors and all his MENDENHALL surname descendants. The Wessex (West Saxon) village of Mildenhall (pronounced Minal) is in Wiltshire, England and its Anglo-Saxon name means a nook or corner of land that was either mild or belonged to a person called Milde (due to their temperament). Every male-line descendant and all his paternal-line ancestors share the same Y-chromosome I1A* haplotype. It is of Teutonic heritage and originated around southern Scandinavia a few thousand years ago.

The Mendenhall surname in America originated there in the 1680s; a century before it independently appeared in England. The most recent common ancestor of the American and English Mendenhall branches of the Mildenhall family tree is the son of Walter Myldenale and the seven-times great grandfather of James.

All those Mendenhall surname descendants of James still living in England share a common ancestor in his grandson George Mendenhall. There are two ongoing branches of his family tree that retain this surname. They were clustered around the English south coast towns of Weymouth and Hastings but are now more widely distributed. However, regardless of surname, all the descendants of George are now also included here.

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